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The kids’ snow village at Thyon, a paradise for children with specially trained instructors

The kids’ snow village at Thyon for learning to ski and snowboard while playing

Snowli will help you take your first steps at winter sports at Thyon 4 Valleys at the kids’ snow village!

Snowli – A fantastic creature with long ears – will support you when you take off for the first time on your skis or your snowboard.

Together, with Snowli and his friends, you’ll enjoy at the kids’ snow village for children at Thyon 4 Valleys wonderful experiences in the snow.

Specially trained instructors for quality teaching of ski and snowboard.

Seconded by specially trained instructors for children, who work at Thyon 4 Valleys in accordance with the Swiss manual for childrenSnowli will show you how to move on the snow and to get to know the different equipment in a new environment.

With Snowli, you’ll have great fun and will learn lots. Everything you learn will lead you to the Swiss Snow League! Hurray for skiing and snowboarding at the kids’ snow village at Thyon 4 Valleys !

Ages: from 3 and a half to 6 years old

Swiss Ski School

The kid's snow village is the ideal place for teaching little ones how to ski!